Pricing may vary per cake/cupcake style.
 Tax not included.

Gluten Free pricing not included- please add .50 per serving for GF pricing. 



Party Cakes start at $3.00 per serving. 
Party Cakes include 6" Cakes, 8" Cakes, 1/4, 1/2 and Full Sheet Cakes.

Specialty Cakes start at $3.50 per serving.
Specialty Cakes include 10" Cakes, 12" Cakes,               "14 Cakes, 16" Cakes and all tiered Cakes. 

Single Cupcakes $3.25 each
4 Pack $12.40
6 Pack $18.00
12 Pack $34.80

Mini Cupcakes $1.08 each/ GF $1.58
Gluten Free Cupakes $3.75 each
Additional Costs for Cupcakes

-Fondant decor starts at 2.25 per cupcake.
-Additional decor starts at .25 per cupcake.

Additional Costs for Cakes

-Fondant covered/Carved cakes start at $5.00 a serving.
-Fruit filled cakes are an extra .50 per serving.
-Additional fondant decor starts at $35.00.

All pricing is subject to change without notice.